” All of our kids love the school, the teachers, the activities, and the FUN! My third-grader (who spent 2 years there) excels at math and is an avid reader. My kindergartner (2 years plus a pre-K program) has grown by leaps and bounds as both a writer and a reader in just 4 months! Our youngest (in a one day a week program) is continuing to develop her verbal, motor and cognitive skills at an amazing pace. All 3 of my kids are viewed as friendly, caring, responsible, respectful and focused students. We attribute that in large part to the programs at Bright Beginnings.”– Current and Alumni Bright Beginnings Family 

“What initially struck me about Bright Beginnings was that it was truly child-centered. The children here are encouraged to ask questions, explore, discover and take initiative. They really do take the whole-child approach to heart and find ways to foster development in all of the developmental areas (social-emotional, self-help, cognitive, creative, and physical) within the natural context of the classroom environment.” –Current Bright Beginnings Family

“What I love about Bright Beginnings is that the experienced teachers are very approachable, yet respected by the children rather than feared. The teachers actually engage in the playground, garden, even participate in dramatic and imaginative play in the classroom. The children are taught to problem solve by letting their own experiences unfold, rather than be told what the outcome will be. Lastly, I was overcome with the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment I felt as a “working parent” whenever it is my turn to help in the classroom.” –Current Bright Beginnings Family

“After experiencing more structured preschool curriculum, I am so happy to have found Bright Beginnings Preschool in Folsom for my 3 year old son. The key to this school is the supportive environment in which the children are able to develop play, social and academic skills at their own pace. The teachers are amazing at setting up the environment and providing the just right challenge for the children to obtain all of the skills you would want them to have for kindergarten.”- Current Bright Beginnings Family

Extended Care/Stay & Play: My son gained so much from Stay and Play. At first I was just going to try it out once or twice, but he loved the focused time with his teachers so much, I signed him up for the whole year. It was an invaluable experience, I feel like he made even closer friendships because of it. It also gave him something that was his own, special time – he felt like such a big kid bringing his lunch to school! It was also nice for me to have that longer window of time. – Alumni Bright Beginnings Family

Parent Toddler:

I was a new stay at home mom that was looking for a class/program that my then 2-year old son could have some peer interaction and learn some social/emotional skills. In addition my husband and I were hoping for him to learn some basic preschool skills before he turned 3 (circle time, how to listen to a teacher and take direction from someone other than family, take turns, share, etc.). I also wasn’t quite ready to let him go somewhere by himself so these toddler-parent classes were perfect fit for our needs.

After searching for a while I found bright beginnings after a family member of mine suggested I look for a co-op/parent participation preschool. My son really enjoyed the open, play-based, child-led environment and loved environment that Bright Beginnings had to offer. Our teacher was Miss Shawn, who is also the preschool director. She brings her years of experience to create a very fun and nurturing environment. Every week there was always 2-3 art activities, free play, music and movement, circle time, sensory bin, and outdoor play. My son enjoyed his year of toddler classes and we made some very good friends that we hope to have forever. This school has a very nice community feel to it. – Alumni Bright Beginnings Family
The toddler program is a place where you can introduce your child to education in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, but with intentional activities focusing on various areas of developmental, which are age-appropriate. We’ve tried other activities like gymnastics, music, dance, etc. but nothing offers the right combo of activities like the toddler class at Bright Beginnings. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. – Alumni Bright Beginnings Family