Our curriculum is based on a developmental approach to learning. Our belief is that children learn best through play, hands-on interaction with the world around them.

At Bright Beginnings, we create developmentally appropriate opportunities for our children that foster:

  • Intellectual development
  • Creative expression
  • Socialization
  • Healthy self-esteem

As a parent-cooperative preschool, our teachers and families share in the education of our children.  Our parents choose their level of participation which may include:

  • Participating Families-full coop membership
  • Semi-Participating Parents-minimal coop membership
  • Non-Participating Families-non-coop and traditional preschool

By taking such an active role, parents see first-hand the child-centered education our children receive and gain a deeper understanding of their growth and development.

At Bright beginnings, our children learn, grow, and explore at their own pace while benefiting from the group experience…all in an environment created expressly for them. We would love to have you visit our school and see for yourself what a great place it is for children.